Artdeco Makeup is used on Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing, Hollyoaks, Dancing On Ice. Artdeco Makeup is currently being used by some amazing celebrities and is in the kits of the world’s best makeup gurus. 

Artdeco is present in more than 88 countries. It is the number 1 brand outselling Chanel, Givenchy, Mac across Europe.

Rose Petal Beauty concentrates on the ‘Pure Minerals’ range side of the Artdeco makeup. It is pure, lightweight, and applies beautifully for a completely flawless finish.

 Be prepared to fall in love with Artdeco Pure Minerals Makeup!!


Makeup Application/Special occasion makeup.

Take the hassle out of looking gorgeous for a special occasion and have your makeup done professionally. £25 Allow an hour


Bridal Makeup

Includes a trial and makeup on the day. £50 allow an hour per session


Makeup lesson.

Learn techniques and how to apply makeup perfectly, as well as which colours are best suited for your skin type and face shape. £30 Allow 1hr 15


All Artdeco products are available for purchase from Rose Petal Beauty.